Sell Global 1-on-1 Coaching

Your 1-on-1 access to an Amazon marketplace expert

1-on-1 coaching sessions to propel your Amazon Marketplace strategy

You’re setup on Amazon, you may have already completed our Sell Global Amazon Accelerator coaching program and your seller account is up and running.

But now you need support and guidance to make sure your Amazon marketplace strategy is right! Our 1-on-1 coaching program will help you create and execute that strategy.

Sell Global has worked with hundreds of businesses, from large organisations to private label sellers, helping them unlock their marketplace strategy. We are different in that not only do we provide you the tools, online resources and tailored advice – we stay with you, guiding you through the actions to execute and realise your full potential of Amazon.

With years of combined experience and expertise, we have seen, managed and solved almost every single roadblock or risk you might be experiencing. In fact we often resolve risks before our clients even realise they exist!

Creating pathways to success

  • We leave you with confidence in the decisions you make and create the momentum and the way forward for your marketplace strategy.
  • With thousands of hours invested on the Amazon, we have seen pretty much all imaginable issues that can hinder your Amazon marketplace strategy. We know the growth strategies that will create greater sales, margins and rankings for your products and create actionable plans for you to follow to achieve these wins. Clients tell us that it is this accountability and transparency that has made them so much more successful than they ever thought possible.
  • Our coaching team will share and transfer knowledge. Our goal always is to set you up for success that you can deliver on your Amazon channel everyday and long after the coaching has finished.

Your Sell Global Consulting Outcomes

Here are just some of the gains and benefits you can expect from your Sell Global 1-on-1 Coaching … 

  • Any current roadblock or error hampering your ability to execute your marketplace strategy on Amazon will be identified along with a specific course of action to remediate.
  • A simple yet honest appraisal of your Amazon marketplace strategy highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • You’ll have your burning questions about Amazon answered.
  • You’ll be clear on the risks and challenges you could face and the recommended course of action to mitigate.
  • You’ll be shown untapped potential and opportunity specific to your Amazon Account that will unlock a range of possibilities for success.
  • You’ll understand the key actions and next steps to take on your Amazon journey.

Here's what you will get

  • A Sell Global Consult Questionnaire for you to complete and submit. This helps us prepare for the consultation and review your challenges, goals, roadblocks and strengths. It also helps us match you with the best coach with the expertise to work with you.
  • We will prepare for the call based on your responses and identify areas of risk and opportunity and start the consultation process
  • 6 x 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls over the course of 4-months
  • 1-on-1 email access to your Sell Global Coach during the consultation period. (*)
  • Throughout and at the end of the consultation, we will document and share with you the actions ( to do, doing and done ), next steps and the tactics required to achieve your short, medium and long term strategy.

(*) Reasonable person contact applies

starting your 1-on-1 Coaching program is easy

step 1 choose your payment method

As soon as we receive your payment we will start the on-boarding process.

Step 2 Complete the online questionnaire

Check your mailbox. We sent you an email with a link to an online questionnaire.

Step 3
questionnaire review

We will start our assessment and match you to the right Sell Global Coach who will call you to discuss your strategy.

step 4 schedule your first coaching call

Within 2-business days of submitting your questionnaire, you'll receive an email with a scheduling link ​to book your first Coaching Call with your Sell Global Coach.

Step 5 Your coaching program starts

Your first 60-minute coaching call starts. You have a further 5-hours of coaching to book with your coach over the next 4-months

Requesting an invoice can create delays. The online questionnaire will only be sent to you upon receipt of payment

Please be patient while the online questionnaire form processes. Leave the web-page open until the processing has completed ans you will see a ‘ thank you ‘ message.

Your investment

Sell Global 1-0n-1 Coaching Pack $2497 + GST

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