Amazon 80/20 Strategy Assessment

Before you invest in your Amazon channel - let Sell Global help you uncover all the things you need to know to be successful!

Talk to us before you invest your first dollar into your amazon journey!

Without time in the game, the biggest risk in building your new Amazon channel lies in ‘You Don’t Know, what You Don’t Know’.

  • Amazon is a both a massive opportunity when played right, or a great way to burn cash if you get it wrong.
  • That's why before you begin investing time and money into your Amazon channel, you need to work with our Sell Global consultants to get it right! They have traveled this path many times before with thousands of product SKU’s for over 150 companies.

Intuition Comes From Experience

  • Success on Amazon is both a Science and an Art and the ‘art’ comes from experience and that is one thing Sell Global has an abundance of!
  • Our consultant team has invested thousands of hours on the Amazon Platform, encountering and resolving all imaginable issues that could possibly arise as well as identifying and implementing growth strategies that have created greater sales, margins and rankings for our clients.
  • This deep work ethic and intuition creates a "sixth sense" as to what your product or brand could expect on Amazon. It's this intuition, experience and knowledge that you get to tap into during your Amazon 80/20 Strategy Assessment review.
  • The 80/20 principle is that in a short period of time, you will get the key information that will help you gain full clarity of the opportunities and risks you will face on your Amazon journey.

Your Amazon 80/20 strategy assessment outcomes

  • A simple yet honest Go / No Go response to your Amazon journey map based on real world data and experience
  • You’ll have your burning questions about Amazon answered
  • You’ll be clear on the risks and challenges you could face
  • You’ll understand the potential of the Amazon Channel and the opportunities it will create for your business
  • You’ll understand the key next steps for you to take on your Amazon journey

Here's what you will get

  • An online Amazon 80/20 Strategy Assessment questionnaire for you to complete and submit. Our consultants will use this information to prepare for the strategy call and know exactly where you are on your journey, your challenges, your goals
  • We will prepare for the call based on your responses and identify areas of risk and opportunity
  • A 75-minute 80/20 Strategy Assessment review and findings meeting where we will report on:
    The Competition - Is it saturated, too unique, or a good opportunity
    The Demand - Are your products something people are looking for on Amazon
    The Money - At a high level - will Amazon FBA work for your products and will your price points make sense based on the market
    Compliance - What are the compliance issues you may face
    Next steps for you to focus on

starting your 80/20 strategy assessment is easy

step 1 choose your payment method

As soon as we receive your payment we will start the on-boarding process.

Step 2 Complete the online questionnaire

Check your mailbox. We sent you an email with a link to an online questionnaire.

Step 3
questionnaire review

We will start our assessment and match you to the right Sell Global Account Manager who will call you to discuss your strategy.

step 4 schedule your assessment

Within 2-business days of submitting your questionnaire, you'll receive an email with a scheduling link ​to book your 75-minute Strategy Assessment with a Sell Global Account Manager.

Step 5 Start your strategy assessment

A Sell Global Account Manager will contact you to undertake the 80/20 Strategy Assessment.

Requesting an invoice can create delays. The online questionnaire will only be sent to you upon receipt of payment.

Please be patient while the online questionnaire form processes. Leave the web-page open until the processing has completed and you will see a ‘ thank you ‘ message.

Your Investment for the Amazon 80/20 Strategy Assessment Session
$797 + GST

  • Remove the uncertainty and tap Into the experience and deep Knowledge of Amazon that only Sell Global will provide you.
  • Complete the on-line registration form today and start your personal 1-on-1 strategy review with our experts.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We are that confident you’ll get so much clarity and confidence in your Amazon game-plan, that If after the review you do not feel you received 5 X the value of your investment, then you can pay what you think it’s worth, or we will even refund in full.

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