6 Ways Sell Global Helps You Win the Ecommerce Export Game

#1 Build Your Amazon Asset

We will be building your own Amazon Seller Account, which you have ultimate control over. Amazon will pay your bank account every two weeks. There’s full transparency with no hidden agendas. This new channel and income stream, will build the value of your business. Should you sell your business, your Amazon Seller Account will be a key part of the value you sell.

#2  Tap Into Our Amazon Expert Team

You can piggy back of our knowledge, skills and results on the Amazon platforms. With $7million of our own sales in the last 3 years alone and one 7 figure exit, you know you are getting the real deal. We get you speed to market by smoothing the path for you, saving you a lot of money and a massive amount of time, so you can focus on your core business, while we take care of the Amazon channel for you.

#3 Preferential Treatment at Amazon

Because you’ll be associated with Sell Global you’ll get the benefit of our preferential treatment at Amazon for promotion opportunities and if issues happen we can expedite resolution with our account manager. This is an unfair advantage over your competition.

#4  Sell More With Sell Global

Our number one goal is to help you sell more every day. Amazon is a constantly evolving beast, with the search algorithm, ads platform and listing requirements changing frequently. Because we focus on Amazon every day we know when changes happen and what to do. It takes constant attention and tweaking to breakthrough to relevancy on Amazon. Sell Global brings this attention every day to help you make more sales.

#5 Problem Solving Expertise

We’ve experienced many of them ourselves and figured out how to get them solved. We pride ourselves on firstly pre-empting any issues, but if they arise, using our experience, connections, suppliers, and good old determination to resolve issues quickly.

#6  Growth Strategy and Execution

While Amazon USA will be a likely starting point, we help you with growing into new Amazon countries such as UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Japan. Each country has subtle challenges we’ve navigated to help make it easy for you. In addition having your own website specific to a country may be relevant or access other ecommerce platforms could be appropriate for your products. Because we are in the ecommerce world everyday and have a team executing on our own products as well, we will keep you at the front of the pack with the right growth strategies.

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Meet the Founders

Hamish Conway

is a former Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of the Year category winner. He has worked closely with over 200 businesses to help them market and sell their products and services. This unique perspective of seeing the true inside workings of so many businesses has honed his ability to spot growth opportunities. From running his own 7 figure Amazon business in North America and UK and Europe, plus helping numerous brands on the same platform, he is perfectly set to help companies looking to successfully launch their products into the USA, Japan, UK, and Europe.

Sophie Howard

has worked in high tech start-ups, foreign policy, and international business development for the New Zealand Government. This background is an ideal mix to help other businesses launch on the international stage. Sophie has developed and launched her own line of premium branded products made with New Zealand materials. After her spectacular success including a 7-figure exit inside 2 years she also coaches clients from around the world on Amazon. She also has a membership group called Product University helping people with creating and launching brands online

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