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Amazon Accelerator

Get the proven step by step approach to getting your products to Amazon,
listed, launched and making sales every day

Amazon Accelerator provides you the pathway
to take you from not being on Amazon

To being set up and selling on Amazon and knowing
what to do each day to successfully run the channel

Amazon Accelerator Set Up

Get Your First Products Listed and Live on Amazon

Four Core Pillars:

  • Assess

Assess the suitability of your products by looking at the competition, market demand, costs and margins, packaging and compliance. This is a highly underrated, but critical foundational piece to get right.

  • Account Access
Setting up your Amazon seller account on paper appears straight forward, but there are time saving and compliance details to get 100% right. If you require access to restricted categories, you often have difficult hoops to jump through. As a Sell Global client we have Amazon contacts to make this far easier.
  • Logistics
From your product preparation (to comply with Amazon and handle the shipping intact) to your best freight options and even regulatory requirements for market entry are covered. We save you a huge amount of time and costly mistakes in this section.
  • Listings

Having Your listings up and optimised is a critical aspect to get right. From images to keyword research and persuasive copy, you’ll get the training and guidance to get this right.

Once your listings are complete and inventory is ready to ship, you advance to Launch & Grow.

Amazon Accelerator Launch & Grow

Four Core Pillars:

  • Launch

How to launch or relaunch your products in the most effective way depending on your situation and budget. We also look at when it’s right to expand to new products and new countries.

  • Traffic

Ways to drive traffic to your listings organically, using Amazon’s advertising options, plus from outside the platform using social media, paid or other digital assets.

  • Conversion

Learning how to Optimise your Amazon listing so your relevancy is high, consumer concerns are handled and prospective customers are compelled to buy from you.

  • Operations

Ways to drive traffic to your listings organically, using Amazon’s advertising options, plus from outside the platform using social media, paid or other digital assets.

Here's How The Programme Is Delivered To You For Optimum Results.

The Set Up and Launch & Grow phase are delivered in the same way, the difference being that the content and conversation are focused on the stage that you are at, so what you learn here will be 100% relevant for where you are at in your journey.

Online Learning Portal

You'll get access to the training videos, checklists and FAQ's to guide you through each of the 4 key areas of focus for each stage of Amazon Accelerator. This is a valuable resource for both you and your team to track your progress.

Small Group Coaching

Every week there'll will be a group call focused on one of the 4 main topics. There will be a teaching component followed by a hot seat and Q&A. This is a perfect opportunity to get your questions answered and also learn from others who are at the same stage of the journey. Calls are recorded in case you can't make it.

Workplace Community

In an area similar to a private Facebook group, you will be able to post questions you have about any aspects of the course. One of the Sell Global team will answer that day, or one of the other members will answer as well. It's a great way to learn from others and share your wins along the way.

One on One Calls

This is a key aspect of this programme that allows you to check in at 4 key milestones of each stage to make sure you are on the right track with your strategy, account set up, logistics and listings. You'll get experienced coaches giving you constructive feedback and making sure you are making the right moves to get set up as fast and effectively as possible.


A key aspect of being in this programme is you get to access our connections in key areas to help you with things such as trademarks for USA, FDA compliance, bank accounts to save on forex, software tools to use, freight and warehouse solutions. All from vetted vendors who we use and trust. Also within the group there's always other recommendations that come up on all manner of areas related to getting set up on Amazon.

Live Events

At least 3 times a year we have live events for you to attend. These are in Wellington, Auckland and soon to be Melbourne. These one or two day events are a great way to immerse yourself in the topic of Amazon. You'll meet like-minded people on the Amazon journey. These are very impactful events where you are in action making progress on your Amazon business.

Your Timelines

If you are starting your Amazon journey, your set up timelines will depend on the type of product you are selling and where you are at from a compliance point of view.
In our experience the main time consuming activities are ensuring compliance is in order (for example FDA for food and supplements) and product packaging. The better you can project manage those components the rest can be completed in a timely manner.
Some challenges may occur with Amazon in the set up or un-gating aspects, however by working with us we have ways and connections to help this move more smoothly.
Setting up in Australia will be faster because compliance is often easier (except on TGA related products) and also we are closer for freight timeframes. You could be up and running inside a month if you put in the effort. However, where your focus is on the USA (where the real money is), you will be 6 weeks at best with an easy product and up to 5 months if you have compliance and packaging to manage.
Getting Live on Amazon with inventory is a big victory.
Then the next game begins with launching and getting your product selling.
This is why we have made the Amazon Accelerator Programme 12 months. Keeping connected and learning what is relevant all the way through the foundation building time is critical.
Your transition from the Set Up to the Launch & Grow group is based upon you having listings set up, and inventory ready to ship.
This is to keep you focused and motivated on doing the work that is in front of you for getting Set up and Live on Amazon.

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