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Amazon Ads Management

  • Amazon is now the #3 paid advertising platform in the world behind Facebook and Google. They are aggressively going after advertisers ad budgets and consumer product brands are obliging.
  • In the USA over 50% of ecommerce takes place on Amazon. With their near perfect consumer behaviour data, Amazon knows what consumers are searching for and buying.
  • For sellers on the Amazon marketplace in the USA, Amazon is rewarding those who invest in ads. In 2017 on average 16.3% of sales came from ads. In 2018 that number rose to 25.1%.
  • Amazon have also increased their ‘advertisement real estate’ on the platform. Amazon are also Beta testing new options for ‘Off Amazon’ advertising to retarget Amazon shoppers.
  • With 80% of shoppers not going past page 1, the best way to get to page 1 (and make sales) is to advertise.
  • The challenge is, with all the developments, it is becoming increasingly complex to manage all the different ad types across all SKU’s, and do this in an optimised and efficient way.
  • The other factor is the ad costs have increased by 56% in the last 2 years.
  • In addition, some categories have become so competitive for ad bids, that it’s simply unprofitable and not sustainable if you are doing this manually.
  • Even with the best ‘humans’ doing the keyword, bid and budget data crunching, it’s a battle. At Sell Global, we had our best guy spending 5 hours a day on a new client in a highly competitive category. That is costly and not sustainable.
  • That is where Artificial Intelligence and machine learning software comes into play. While it still requires the right strategy and observation, the machines can experiment, adjust and optimise at a completely different speed and level.
  • In our experience, if you are not using AI to manage you advertising on Amazon, you are leaving sales on the table and worse, you are spending way more than you should for the sales you are making.

More Sales, More Efficiently

  • With the combination of industry leading AI software and experienced Amazon experts, you will make more sales through Amazon Ads and you’ll do it far more efficiently. By more efficiently, we mean at a lower cost per acquired sale.
  • Instead of spending hours fretting over bids and budgets and which keywords, you can put your new found time to your brand strategy both on and off Amazon.
  • This is your unfair advantage over the competition.

State of the Art Data Analytics

We constantly develop new features that allow you to make better, data driven decisions in order to succeed on amazon

Keyword Automation

Data Driven Approach to keyword discoverability. Increase spend efficiency, sales, and visibility based on real data

Product Targeting

The majority of your sales could come from frequently bought together bundles and compared products. Our System will automate that for you.

Industry Leading Optimisation

Get the best return out of every dollar put into Amazon Advertising with automated optimisation of bids, placements and budgets.

Here’s How The Sell Global Managed Amazon Advertising Solution Works

  • You’ll be added to the leading AI Ads Software for Amazon. This software runs approximately 1% of all the advertising spend on Amazon USA. It’s established, with a proven track record and 6 patented algorithms.
  • Each marketplace (e.g. USA, UK/Europe) is added separately.
  • If you are already advertising, we record your baseline advertising and sales numbers. In addition, we see what campaigns and search terms are performing well already. These can be manually added at any stage.
  • We will work with you to understand your advertising goals at a brand and SKU level. This will determine the starting ACOS and daily budget by SKU parameters.
  • The parameters are set, the initial Automatic campaign per SKU, is set to run.
  • The machine then begins mining and testing upper and lower limits for bids. It automatically sets up manual campaigns for performing search terms. Bids and budgets are continually tested during the day to optimise the spend.
  • We monitor daily the campaigns in the early stages to ensure there are no anomalies that need human intervention.
  • Sponsored Brand ads are added manually, but the machine automatically optimises the bids and budgets.
  • The machine takes about 4 weeks to dial in, then continues to test and optimise - riding winners and cutting losing words. This is based on an intra daily and day of the week basis as patterns emerge. You’ll notice some large swings early on as the software tests the upper and lower limits with bids to find the optimal position for your product.
  • We work closely with the software developers, so in any unusual or sensitive situations, there’s fast adjustments made.
  • From a communication cadence,early on we have a weekly call, then this shifts to fortnightly with a monthly reporting cycle.
  • Quartile will also in the near future allow you to manage DSP (Demand Side Platform) advertising and Display ads. This is moving to the hyper retargeted approach which all but a small percentage of sellers can currently access.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

  • The results will depend on your objectives.
  • A health supplement client after 4 weeks they had 90% of their previous sales from ads on only 50% of their previous monthly spend.
  • A snack food client, after 4 weeks, they had a 45% increase in units sold on a 17% higher spend.
  • A gourmet food client, after 4 weeks had a 42% increase in sales on 45% less spend.
  • That is the efficiency that is gained very quickly, which then provides a platform to scale from in a way that will be profitable, not wasteful.

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