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Amazon Roadmap

Get Clarity on the best strategy for your products and brand on amazon

We'll have an honest look at how your products stack up on amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of the questions you’ll get authoritative answers to:

  • What is possible sales wise for your brand on Amazon?
  • How will Amazon work for your premium brand?
  • What is the investment and how long will it take to get an ROI?
  • Which Products of your range will be best suited to Amazon?
  • What do you need to have in place to get selling?
  • Which countries will work best for you?
  • What impact will selling on Amazon have with your own Ecommerce websites?
  • What about your existing distributors, what will they think?

Overall you’ll get, Clarity on why Amazon, what is involved and what is possible for your brand and products. Confidence that you have good data to make sensible decisions about the channel and you know what will be involved to make it work.

Here’s how it works

Phase One

Your Brand and Product Background

Through discussions with you, by reading about your products and physically seeing them, we build an understanding of your brand and product story. We seek to understand your current situation in terms of the channels you are currently using to sell and what is working and what is challenging.

Phase Two

Product Suitability For Amazon

This is the phase where we really get some clarity on what will and will not work for you on Amazon. In this phase we will be able to exclude certain products and also get a sense of what products will have the highest probability of success.

There’s 4 key areas we assess your brand and products

Category & Competition

The Money

Your Point of Difference

Compliance Readiness


In some limited cases at this point, it is becoming obvious that Amazon is not the channel for you, or not right now. We wouldn’t suggest even doing this Amazon Roadmap, if we didn’t think the probability of success was good at the start. Sometimes new information comes to light that changes the view.

Phase Three

Your Amazon Roadmap

This phase is getting the set up and launch strategy clearly mapped out, so you are clear on what the next steps will be and what it will take to get set up and launched successfully on Amazon.

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