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Where do I start, Amazon Australia or America?

Since the launch of Amazon Australia, one of the many questions  sellers have is which market to engage in first, Amazon America of Amazon Australia? 

Our experience tells us that, if you are based in Australia or New Zealand your best first step is to start with Amazon Australia and get yourself accustomed to the local platform and local listings that will be your competition. Get you listings set, understand how it works, sharpen your teeth in the local marketplace. 

Your next step is to then go to the U.S. The U.S market is obviously where the money is. It’s the big opportunity. But it can be more complex in terms of the compliance and a bigger financial commitment and outlay to make happen compared to Australia. 

So that’s really the short answer. It’s going to be both, but start in Amazon Australia and hone your channel while you crank up the U.S. market opportunity. 

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