Discover How Amazon Really Works &
How You Can Succeed on the Platform

If you are curious about the ‘big deal’ with Amazon, then this FREE 4 part video series will show you exactly why Amazon cannot be ignored as a core part of your ecommerce strategy.

Sophie and Hamish, two 7 figure Amazon sellers who are on the platform everyday, are helping companies and individuals succeed on Amazon.

In this FREE video series, they will give you the best explanation as to how Amazon could potentially be a key part of your ecommerce strategy.

Video 1 – Why Amazon and Why Now

In video one you’ll learn about why Amazon is not to be feared but rather embraced. Whether you are looking to export to the USA, UK, Europe, Japan and soon to be Australia, you’ll understand the way to view Amazon in the context of your ecommerce strategy and how it will enhance not hinder your overall sales.

Video 2 – How Amazon Works

In video 2 you’ll get a deeper understanding of how Amazon works and what is possible in your product category. If your product shapes up well to the 16 point criteria you can then use a tool we share to show the approximate sales of your future competitors. We also explain how the money works on Amazon and how Amazon solves the fulfillment problem many exporters have.

Video 3 – 6 Critical Mistakes Sellers Make on Amazon

In video 3 we share the most common mistakes we see sellers make. Early on we made many of these mistakes ourselves and learnt the hard (and expensive) way. From launching nearly 1,000 SKU’S (combined) and coaching and working closely with other businesses and individuals, we share how to avoid these common mistakes. Some are surprising and the biggest mistake is definitely avoidable.

Video 4 – The Game Plan

In video 4 you’ll discover how to get your Amazon journey started in a way that will save you a huge amount of time, money and most importantly how to maximize the opportunity of Amazon.

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