The many hidden traps in your Amazon account – we can help you!

One of the many benefits of working with Sell Global is our global reach and access to updates and information that we then share with you.

Contact us here at Sell Global to help you work through these requirements and any other traps that might impact your Amazon Account.

  • Your old inactive accounts can create headaches –  If you have an old inactive Amazon seller account that owes money, make sure the balance is cleared up. Owing money is a reason for an account to be suspended (even if inactive) and can suspend your main account for being related to an account that cannot sell on Amazon.
  • Sellers on are not allowed to list items or create product detail pages in the wrong category. Amazon will remove any listings in the wrong category without warning.
  • Unless you have actively modified the setting, starting 1 June 2019 Amazon has automatically amended order cut off times to 2:00pm in your local time zone. You need to go to the shipping settings in Seller Central to manage this setting.