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How to make a profit by selling on Amazon?

1. Register as an expert merchant

2. Sell only with FBA – FBA represents Fulfillment By Amazon. This is a special program wherein you send the entirety of your product into Amazon, and when it gets sold, Amazon ships it for you. In FBA Amazon likewise handles on your behalf – client care, correspondences and returns as well as discounts.

3. Keep the Rules – simply like eBay, Amazon has heaps of rules and guidelines, yet not at all like eBay, they are genuinely steady. Amazon doesn’t change their guidelines and arrangements as regularly as eBay, so once you learn them they are straightforward and must get pursued. When you sign into Seller Central, you can get to this page to acquire general Amazon arrangement understanding.

4. Answer Customer Communications rapidly – When you get an inquiry from a client, Amazon needs you to answer it inside 24 hours and on the off chance that you don’t, that is a bad mark against your record. With advanced mobile phones you can even answer them from your cellphones, hence be alert and particular when it comes to this.

5. Portray items precisely – This may appear to be an easy decision,  if there is even the smallest distinction between the item you are conveying and what you depict in your posting, clients will take note. This will then have prompt returns, negative criticism and record suspension admonitions from the team Amazon, itself.

6. Request Feedback – Amazon purchasers only from time to time leave criticism except if you ask them.

7. Pack all your shipments to Amazon accurately to maintain a strategic distance from harm, deferrals and punishment charges – Amazon has some genuinely severe necessities when you send things to their FBA stockrooms. Here is a portion of their principles: 
Pick the right sized box for your units. In the event that you pick too huge a compartment, you should fill it will adequate bundling material with the goal that the case won’t crumple under the heaviness of heavier boxes during the delivery and accepted procedure. For best outcomes, utilize another, single-divider, folded transporting holder with a high-blast or smash quality stamp
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