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How product images influence Amazon rankings

Amazon incorporates the click through rates and conversion rates into their ranking algorithm. If your product is clicked on and purchased more frequently,  Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm will lift the product higher up in their search results.

This means your click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR)  have a direct effect on your product’s ranking. Followingly,  an improved CTR (thanks to a high quality main image) and conversion rate will help boost your rankings on Amazon.

However, it is important to understand that  high quality images alone do not guarantee an improvement in rankings. It is only when you start to see an improvement in your CTR and CR, which will in turn trigger Amazon’s A9 algorithm to lift your product higher up in the search results.

Make sure your images adhere to Amazon’s minimum product image requirements

Your main Amazon product image is the key driver for clicks to your product. Taking the time to curate high quality images will help you shape the perception of the quality of your product, and help customers quickly assess the characteristics of your product. High quality images also have a direct influence on your click through rates and conversion rates, which in turn will increase your rankings in Amazon’s search results

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