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Sell Global Insider Newsletter, Edition 3 – August 2019

In this edition ….

  • Sell Global Auckland live event 20 September 2019.
  • Amazon changing the rules on 3rd party sellers
  • Introducing our new Amazon Images Service
  • Amazon quizzed over ‘Choice’ store ratings
  • Discover how our 1-on-1 Coaching Program can drive your marketplace strategy. 

Message from Hamish

Welcome to the August edition of Sell Global Insider. Although the weather temps in New Zealand are still in the single digits, its great to see the seasons changing and the daylight hours getting noticeably longer. 

I’m really excited to tell you that Sell Global is also going through a ‘seasonal change’. The team has been working really hard to introduce a suite of new services that are going to drive the performance of your Amazon Marketplace. We have engaged with global, best in class partners to bring together a range of services that will help you stay ahead of your competitors! Coupled with our world-class Coaching and Consulting programs, these new services are real game-changers. 

We will be announcing these new services over the next few weeks through a series of free training webinar events hosted by myself and our resident experts. That’s your chance to discover how these services become powerful arsenal for your Amazon seller account and have your questions answered.

First out of the gate is our new Amazon Images Service. A complete graphics and images service that is designed to be both simple and affordable. It is a proven fact that world-class images and graphics employed on your Amazon account creates greater customer attraction and conversion. 

Stay tuned for more service releases and reach out to your Account Manager or contact us here at Sell Global to discover how these will benefit your marketplace. 

All the best

Auckland live event 20 September 2019

We are doing it again, this time it’s your turn Auckland! Discover the strategies and tactics to compete on the biggest marketplace in the world. 

Experience the best Amazon event in New Zealand, where you will learn the critical success factors for surviving and thriving on the Amazon Marketplace.

You’ll hear expert speakers, meet with like minded product and brand owners and leave with CLARITY on what it will take for you to be successful on Amazon.

The role of robotics and AI, design concepts, keyword research, FDA essentials and avoiding freight cost blowouts are just some of the topics covered during the day.

 ALL NEW event for established product and brand owners to create a 6 or 7 figure sales channel on Amazon. ​​​​​ Experience the best Amazon event in New Zealand, where you will learn the critical success factors for surviving and thriving on the Amazon

Go to our Events page and register now.  We can’t wait to see you there. 

Amazon changing the rules on 3rd party sellers

Amazon doesn’t have a shining reputation when it comes to the way it handles its third-party sellers. Merchants have reported restrictions on where they can sell, being kicked off the site for no obvious reasons and issues with counterfeiting. But Germany has forced Amazon to change its attitude, and the retailer will now be overhauling its terms of service for third-party sellers worldwide.

Germany’s anti-trust authority has agreed to drop a seven-month investigation into Amazon’s merchant terms after Amazon said it would amend its Business Services Agreement. The new terms will mean Amazon now complies with European rules governing liability towards its business partners on its European platforms. It will have to give merchants 30 days’ notice — and an explanation — before removing a seller from the platform, and merchants in Europe will be able to take Amazon to court in their own country. Previously this was only possible in Luxembourg.

Introducing our new Amazon Images Service

Success on Amazon is about a points of difference, the ability to standout from the crowd and attract buyers to your brand. The type, style and quality of your images is absolutely key in creating value.

‘We are your Amazon graphic design experts. We know what works and – just as importantly – we know what Amazon permits as approved imagery’. Let our graphics design team help you standout in the crowd.

Take a look at our Amazon Images Service and book a free call with our Design Team to find out how our Amazon Images Service can be the point of difference for your Amazon account.

Amazon quizzed over ‘Choice’ store ratings

Amazon is being told to reveal how it decides which products get the “Amazon’s Choice” label in its online store.

Amazon has been asked whether people or algorithms are making decisions about what gets the label. There is a concern that the Choice category can be manipulated via fake reviews and can mislead customers. 

An investigation into the practice came about after news site Buzzfeed claimed many products in the “Choice” category are of poor quality or have their ratings boosted by fake reviews. Research suggests products getting the Choice label sell better, often enjoying a sales jump of up to 300%. This is partly because anyone using their Amazon Echo smart speaker to buy products in a category in which they have never shopped before, will get a product bearing the Choice label.

A lack of transparency about Amazon Choice means consumers were prevented from making “informed choices”. 

Amazon has responded by stating that it used both human investigators and automatic tools to find and remove fake reviews. It said it policed its reviews, worked with social media sites to stop fake reviews being generated and took legal action against offenders.

We will keep you informed of any updates.

1-On-1 Coaching Sessions To Propel Your Amazon Marketplace Strategy

You’re setup on Amazon, you may have already completed our Sell Global Amazon Accelerator coaching program and your seller account is up and running.

But now you need support and guidance to make sure your Amazon marketplace strategy is right! Our 1-on-1 coaching program will help you create and execute that strategy.

Sell Global has worked with hundreds of businesses, from large organisations to private label sellers, helping them unlock their marketplace strategy. We are different in that not only do we provide you the tools, online resources and tailored advice – we stay with you, guiding you through the actions to execute and realise your full potential of Amazon.

With years of combined experience and expertise, we have seen, managed and solved almost every single roadblock or risk you might be experiencing. In fact we often resolve risks before our clients even realise they exist!

Find out more about how our 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions can drive your Amazon Marketplace strategy 

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