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Sell Global Insider Newsletter, Edition 2 – July 2019

In this edition ….

  • Introducing the Amazon Australia Success Blueprint
  • Update – Don’t let your ASIN get suppressed by Amazon
  • Amazon Prep Services are live in Australia
  • The importance of Amazon feedback
  • The many traps inside your Amazon account and how we can help

Message from Hamish

They say that time flies so here is a tech reality check for you. This month Amazon celebrates its 25th birthday!  Sell Global has not been going quite that long, but when I was reminded of Amazon’s 25th anniversary, it did make me reflect how far we have come and how much incredible opportunity there is for you to punch well above your weight with your global storefront.

The next 6-months are critical and our clients who have simply ‘smashed’ their sales targets in the past have done so by working with Sell Global now to plan success in the lucrative last quarter of the year.

Our free training webinar released earlier this month provided updates and insights into Amazon Australia and the significant change in that market over the past 6-months. Feedback has been incredibly positive as has the uptake of the Amazon Australia Success Blueprint course

Over the next few months we will be releasing more free training webinars, after-5pm meet-ups and 1-day events in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Sydney and Melbourne.

Next up is another Free Training Webinar – “How Established Product and Brand Owners Are Adding a New 6 Figure Sales Channel By Selling on Amazon” where I will present the success strategies for pricing, stock level, warehousing, coupons and advertising as well as the tools Sell Global has for you to be ‘smash’ your sales targets.

All the best

Amazon Prep services are live in Australia

This month, Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Prep Services – an effective way to get your FBA products prepared and packaged directly at the fulfilment centre. As part of their continuous endeavour to simplify selling on Amazon, this service allows you to focus on growing your business while they take care of the rest.

The prep services available as part of this program are taping, bubble-wrap, poly-bagging, opaque-bagging and product labelling. Starting July 1st 2019 you can opt-in for the Amazon Prep Service Program by following either of the below steps:

During the FBA shipment creation workflow, select “Amazon” under Who Preps’ and/or Who labels in the Prepare and Label Products sections.

On the Seller Central home page, click on Settings >  Fulfilment by Amazon > Optional Services > Who Preps/Labels > Select “Amazon”

Its really important that you review the packaging and prep requirements before sending your products to Amazon. In the event you choose to prep the products yourself but the products are found to have missing / incomplete / damaged prep, Amazon may refuse your inventory at the fulfilment centre and/or block future deliveries.

For more information, and to make sure that your packaging and prep requirements meet the standards for FBA, please contact us here at Sell Global. We can help!

Update on ASIN suppression 

In our last edition of Sell Global Insider, we spoke about Amazon’s push for customer experience excellence. Part of this CX program is likely suppression of ASINs from Amazon search where the titles do not comply with Amazon’s product title requirements.

Our Amazon account manager has advised us that there have been some changes in the requirements like the number of characters in the title lifted from 50 to 200. 

Please make sure your titles DO NOT use “symbols, such as ~ ! $ ? _ ~ { } [ ] # < > | ; / ^ ¬ ¦ “. Also, make sure you have nothing like “100% money-back guarantee” on the detail page (unless the BRAND offers the money back guarantee regardless of who the seller is).

We have been advised by Amazon that these requirements will be strictly enforced. If you have any doubt, contact us here at Sell Global. We can help.

The importance of Amazon feedback

Amazon feedback is a public rating of your performance as a seller. Based on a five-star scale, feedback on Amazon indicates how reliable you are when it comes to packaging, shipping, responsiveness and professionalism. Buyers have a 90-day window to submit one feedback per order made on Amazon. A seller’s feedback rating is an aggregated average of prior feedback received from buyers.
Feedback and reviews are not the same thing, although you may hear experts and coaches use the terms interchangeably. In reality, feedback is seller-focused; whereas, Amazon reviews are product-focused. In fact, Amazon removes feedback that are exclusively about the product rather than being about the seller.

Why does Amazon feedback matter?

  • Feedback influences the buy box! Seller feedback is a key component of your Order Defect Rate, a metric that Amazon weights heavily in its Buy Box algorithm.
  • Buyers can view you feedback rating. Amazon tracks all of the feedback you earn as a seller and aggregates it into an overall feedback score.
  • Amazon penalises bad sellers! Sellers can be suppressed or banned completely if your feedback rating slips below certain performance targets.
  • Feedback is a digital asset and Amazon feedback is arguably your most vital business asset
  • Feedback is a competitive advantage
If you need help with Amazon feedback topics, then contact Sell Global! We can help. Or go to our updated Blog page for even more information

Introducing the Amazon Australia Success Blueprint

This month we introduced the Amazon Australia Success Blueprint to our portfolio and the early uptake and feedback has us really excited! This course will give you the clarity and confidence that you are approaching Amazon Australia in the right way.

Our Amazon Account Manager has shared with us the numbers and we see that even in its infancy, Amazon Australia has generated $129M of revenue in its first 12-months yet it is predicted to hit $4Bn by the year 2023. That tells us that there is huge scope and opportunity to be successful. This unique Amazon Australia Success Blueprint programme is focused on helping you get clear in what the best strategy will be for your brand and products.

Contact us here at Sell Global if you would like to find out more about the Amazon Australia Success Blueprint or simply go here, sign up and start today!

The many hidden traps in your Amazon account and how we can help you!

One of the many benefits of working with Sell Global is our global reach and access to updates and information that we then share with you. Contact us here at Sell Global to help you work through these requirements and any other traps that might impact your Amazon Account.

  • Your old inactive accounts can create headaches –  If you have an old inactive Amazon seller account that owes money, make sure the balance is cleared up. Owing money is a reason for an account to be suspended (even if inactive) and can suspend your main account for being related to an account that cannot sell on Amazon.
  • Sellers on Amazon.com are not allowed to list items or create product detail pages in the wrong category. Amazon will remove any listings in the wrong category without warning
  • Unless you have actively modified the setting, starting 1 June 2019 Amazon has automatically amended order cut off times to 2:00pm in your local time zone. You need to go to the shipping settings in Seller Central to manage this setting.

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