Am I ready to sell my products in USA?

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People often ask, “Should I start on Amazon in America? Am I ready to sell my products in America?” And the answer to that is that it really depends.

Before you can work it out, you need to do the research in three key areas. First of all you’ve got to research the competition. Is it saturated or is there an opportunity there? How can you compete? 

You have to have a good look at your point of difference and whether or not you actually go there and win.

Amazon is a big market, and it’s extremely competitive, so what’s your point of difference that’s going to have you be successful, and is there actually a desire for what you’re selling, or is your target market too obscure in the US market?

Arguably the most important and time consuming part, is the compliance side of things.

Does your product have certain FDA regulations, for example, that will mean you need new labelling, or are you selling children’s products, in which case you will need to look out for specific child safety certification. There are a number of compliance considerations to consider, just like you would expect when exporting to any other market, selling into Amazon does not prevent these traditional barriers to entry.

It is also important to work out if your product is suitable for shipping into Amazon fulfilment centres, and to have a look at the money side of things. Look at the cost, and whether or not this actually going to make you money and where your price point needs to be to have the margins be worthwhile?

It’s not just a clear cut answer, and it might be in your business that you’ve got some products that are absolutely suited to Amazon and others that are not. Your products either need to fit the model to make it work, or if they don’t, you need to take advantage of some of Amazon’s features to make them work.

If you can get Amazon working for your business and your products, it is the best way to enter the US market. It is by far the fastest and the cheapest way of doing it, and you get real feedback from the market in terms of what they’ll pay, customer reviews, and you get to see how you fair against the competition. It can be a fantastic step into the US market and a great way of getting noticed by distributors, and a foot in the door to more traditional sales channels in the USA.

Are you ready? You need to contact us to find out, or just keep on following us and you’ll learn more about the readiness of your brand and products, for the Amazon platform.

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