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Amazon Strategy Assessment

An in depth analysis of your category, competition strength, market demand, product suitability for Amazon, compliance requirements, and most importantly, expected profit margins.

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Do I need to be exporting already?

You don’t have to be exporting already. We will help you get started by exporting to the USA and then if appropriate for you, the UK, Europe and Japan. If you are exporting already, but not reaching the potential you expected, then we can help you with a new approach to get results.

I’ve heard Amazon is not very good for premium products, because of the focus on the best price for the consumer. Is this true?

There are numerous examples of premium products selling very well on Amazon. Consumers still pay for quality. In fact New Zealand brands bring many aspects of premium and exclusive, and are very popular on Amazon.

How will I know if my product(s) will be right for Amazon?

Firstly your product will need to be predominantly for consumers. There are some exceptions of business-to-business products. We will have an initial high-level conversation with you to see if it is worthwhile looking into further. If not, we’ll let you know. However if there is a strong likelihood your product will work, then the next step is to engage in a full product and brand assessment to research your category, competition, compliance, capacity, costs and then calculate what will be possible for you and the best plan of action either way.
In some cases you may need to have your product approved (FDA for example) before being able to export to the USA or UK/Europe.

How much stock do I need to get started?

The initial order can be small to get started (i.e. 200 units). We can then test and assess demand, to allow you to place bigger orders with confidence.

How long will it take to get going and make sales?

Depending on your product(s) and how ready it is to ship, then within 1 month you could be in stock and ready to sell. If you are sending by sea then typically it is 10-12 weeks. As soon as you are in stock sales begin within a few days as we implement our product launch protocols.

Will I need a USA bank account and company?

For a start you don’t. To save on FOREX fees it can be advisable to have a USA bank account. A US company is optional, but not necessary. We can tell you what we do and then connect you with people to give you the best advice for your situation.

Given there’s hundreds of millions of products on Amazon, how will you get consumers to find and buy our product?

Obscurity is an issue for a massive amount of products where product owners don’t know how to get found. It takes a lot of testing and investing in advertising to know what gives you the best probability of success. That is one of our greatest strengths that separates us from the crowd. Amazon shoppers – over 200 million active users and 70 million ‘Prime’ customers who get free 2 day shipping – are searching to buy. That is a big difference. This is a massive market and even a very small percentage is very worthwhile.

What will it cost to work with you?

If we do an initial assessment there is a $3,000-$4,000 +GST investment, depending on how many products you have,  which may be eligible for 50/50 NZTE funding. Following the product and brand assessment we will put together a package to set up the foundations, launch your product(s) and then maintain and grow the sales.  Again, depending on the path we decide to take, NZTE funding may be available for some of this service.

How do the numbers work on Amazon?

The best answer to this question is to watch the video from our blog. Click here. There’s also a spreadsheet for you that will help you do a good ‘back of the envelope’ calculation for your product(s).

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